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  Celebrating desire, pleasure and love.  

What's the point?  Sex is lovely, natural and fun.  It can also be scary — you need courage to open up to another person (or even to yourself)  in a deep way — but when you do, sex can be truly transcendent, an intense and profound way of connecting with the divine.  If you agree, please join us in trying to get the word out. 

Or, if that hasn't been your experience up until now, maybe this site can help you improve your experiences in the future.  Our goal is to map a path, a way out of fear, discouragement and pain. If you have the courage and persistence to follow such a path, we believe you can have sexual fulfillment in a constructive, honest and deeply spiritual way — you can live in integrity!  You can take pride in your sex life, not keep it in the closet.

Sex is sacred — it's worth saying, because people who already understand tend to take the idea for granted, while many others have never even considered it possible.


  The Northwest Pagan's Choice: Widdershins in recent years was an inclusive pagan community newspaper based in the Pacific Northwest. It was published eight times each year from 1995 to 2007, and its useful archive is still available via this Web site.


  IndigoArc Graphic Design and Science Illustration:  Providing artful website, business card and logo design, portraiture, black and white illustration, and artefact illustration. Online portfolio at:


The Sylvan Grove is a coven of witches in the Sylvan Tradition, dedicated to the fey, to living a magickal way of life and to healing, transforming and loving in celebration of the earth and the old goddesses and gods. Located in the Seattle, WA, USA area. For information contact with a note on why you are interested to Lady Sylvana, Sylvan Grove at


OLOTEAS   (Our Lady of the Earth and Sky), a nondenominational pagan church, is dedicated to the promotion of religious tolerance and freedom and stewardship of the environment through pagan religious expression. Located in the Seattle, WA, USA area. Contact or


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